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Receiving VIFOTEC 2007 award

Receiving VIFOTEC 2007 award

Receiving VIFOTEC 2007 award


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Rhythm Precision Co., Ltd. Took two days off from July 12th to July 13th, 2008 inorder to go on holiday. During this occasion, the company had the factory cleaned up at Plot 42, Noi Bai industrial zone, Soc Son, Hanoi.


The substation was maintained by HANECC under the technical supervision of EDI.


Here are some of the images:

Factory at Plot 42, Noi Bai Industrial zone, Soc Son, Hanoi

Mr. KaTo and the technician from Sanyo Engineering & Construction Inc. are looking at the equipment’s status.

After 2 years of operating, the industrial zone pollution had reduced insulation, which influenced splices’ quality. If this problem cannot be resolved, power shut could happen, which brings about great loss.


EDI technician is  assessing the influence of pollution on the substation’s quality.


Outdoor cleaning

Workers are cleaning insulators.

Insulator after being cleaned.

HANECC workers are cleaning substation’s cover.

Fixing oil leak problem, cleaning, and testing the quality.

Results after cleaning: Insulation has been increased and problems have been fixed, which makes the substation more realiable and durable.


Rhythm Precision Co., Ltd. Has got a reasonable solution : 2 in 1: improving workers’ working morale and maintaining equipment at the same time. That is one of the tips to bring about success.

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