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EDI stands for Electrical Development Investment JSC. Our company was founded during the period of privatizing state-owned companies in 2005-2006. After 3 years, our company is still developing and doing our best to become the leading company in advising and designing power projects in Hanoi.


Director:  Phung Quang Khai


Our specialties:


- Designing up to 110kV power line and substation.

- Supervising construction projects.

- Developing investment projects, studying and executing up to 110kV line and substation, civil, and industrial projects.

- Giving advice on project management and tender.

- Editing and assessing invitation to tender.

- Editing and examining projects on environmental effect assessment

- Producing and trading machines, materials, electrical and automatic equipment.




- Head Office: Room 804 - A3B Building - 92 Thanh Nhan  Hai Ba Trung - Hanoi.

- Representative Office: 56 Kim Ma Thuong - Cong Vi - Ba Dinh - Hanoi.




- Tel: 04 625 4483 - 0976224488

- Fax: 04 625 4484

- Email:

- Website:


Financial Information:


- Account: 0011001661952

- VAT Code: 0101869075

- Bank: Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam - Vietcombank.




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Moving 110kV line - Giao Luu City

Text Box: Electrical Development Investment EDI - Room 804 - A3B Building- 92 Thanh Nhan, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
Tel: 04 625 4483 - 0976224488		Fax: 04 625 4484		Email:

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