Introducing One-pillar substation

1C2 Compact Substation

To actively overcome the disadvantages both in the form and use of traditional power substations, Mr. Ho Viet Thong, Chairman of the Board of EDI, persisted continuously from 1999 to 2013, to manufacture one type of transformer substation (topic 1C-05) with a capacity of 400 to 750 kVA and a voltage of up to 22 kV. After the practical application, one column distribution substation has quickly brought about multi-faceted effect. This is the new type of transformer station which was first built and put into use not only in Vietnam but in all countries in the world, contributing to the enrichment of transformer substations in the distribution electricity system.

Traditional transformer substations usually have main components (medium voltage cabinets, transformers, and low voltage cabinets) that are centrally located and are very small compared to supporting structures. Therefore, it is necessary to have a large area to accommodate all three main components in one plane. Since then, two electric engineers have come up with the idea of separating the substation's components and arranging along the sidewalks to save space, suitable for the street-side architecture. In addition, a single-pole station is also equipped with a low-voltage cabinet with an open transformer base. Special radiator transformers are also available at the same time.

The design and fabrication of a One-pillar substation with beautiful designs and colors suitable for the urban architectural landscape has been implemented by EDI with AutoCAD 3D and SolidWorks software. CNC motors. All of the embossing, cutting and bending of cylinders are also calculated for automatic cutting on the cutting machine by the world's modern technologies.


1C, 1C4 Compact Substation:

1C3, 1C4 Substation is a new breakthrough for the development of the power industry in particular and the process of industrialization and modernization in general. The substation consists of three parts: Transformer - Medium voltage - The low voltage is arranged reasonably easy to assemble and operate in a compact size, friendly when placed in urban environment. The transformer substation 1C3, 1C4 with the capacity of up to 1250kVA easily supply electricity to urban areas with the density of about 6000 households.

1C3, 1C4 Substation is the substation with the lowest production costs now and the size is also smaller than the type of ssubstation of the same type known. The entire steel structure is protected 2 times by outdoor static coating combined with the use of ZAM is a special anti-corrosion coating that has been shown to be more effective in corrosion resistance than zinc coating to 10 times. Details such as the substation profile holder and the trolley racks are also meticulously designed to ensure convenience ease of operation and ease of maintenance throughout use.

The substation integrates medium-voltage cabinets of many manufacturers in the market as well as medium-voltage cabinets dedicated for one compact pole substation. In particular, the cabinet parts are arranged vertically instead of the conventional horizontal stretcher, so the width is reduced to 1/3 compared to conventional cabinets. The inlet and outlet terminals are located at the bottom and the cable ends to the transformers arranged above should arrange the cables to and without being knotted cross the angle easy to connect the construction. Protect transformers using fuses or cutters according to customer requirements. With a compact transformer test bench instead of having to use a climbing ladder like other one-column stations, it is easy to check or maintain periodically. When not in use, it can be folded using a slip-lock mechanism combined with a sliding mechanism, which is very convenient when used and stored.

1C3 Substation

1C4 Substation

1C5 Compact Substation:

The 1C5 Compact Substation is a simple technical solution that offers maximum economic efficiency and is a closed-loop type for non-compact, secure, economical and energy-saving power lines suitable for rural urbanization. With the solution "Low Voltage Transformer and Low Voltage Cabinet", 1C5 is a high-safety closed loop power substation using the existing rural grid as low-voltage line.
The substation can be placed in the center of the load, thus reducing the cost of construction and investment to reduce the losses when transmitting power on the low voltage grid. Competitive price with the station is the type of substation is widely used in rural areas.
The space for the low voltage equipment is doubled compared to the previous one, which can be arranged on both sides of the support. The Aptomat is arranged horizontally for easy connection, inspection and replacement. Steel structure is protected 2 times by powder coating combined with special anti-corrosive ZAM. 
Porcelain transformers are often porcelain, so they can be reused with existing transformers without the need to re-create a plug-in or replenish the Elbow as one-column substations. All existing low-tension air lines can also be utilized to increase substation capacity.